Request Awarded Scholarships

**The recipient has five (5) years to use all of her funds and must always be enrolled in her program of study, except for customary vacation periods. A scholarship recipient may request an extension of the five-year limit to complete her studies if necessary.**


  1. Read and sign a copy of the Scholarship Rules and Regulations
  2. Complete a Scholarship Funds Request
    1. If a payment is to go to the school, include a current tuition statement showing what is owed.
    2. If a reimbursement request, include receipts and/or cancelled checks.
  3. Provide to us proof of full-time enrollment (i.e. class schedule)

You can fax or mail these to the Scholarship Foundation.

FAX: 251.431.0063
MAIL: AJM Scholarship Foundation
751 Government Street
Mobile, AL 36602


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